Concussion Initiative

NMYSA and NWRGSL have implemented a concussion awareness program using the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Heads Up" Concussion in Youth Sports program. The "Heads Up" program provides parents, players and coaches valuable information and direction for managing suspected concussions. Please take the time to review the "Heads Up" fact sheet and help to make youth soccer a safer environment for our children.

Coaches are REQUIRED to follow the Removal From Play process listed below in the event of any suspected concussion or brain injury, to ensure that players are evaluated by a health care professional and comply with return to play protocols. Coaches should carry blank copies of the NMYSA concussion notice form to all practices and games and be prepared to complete and provide a copy to parents or players in the event of a suspected concussion. Coaches must track the player's progress and submit final copy of the form to NMYSA before returning a player to competition. Coaches also expected to be able to provide the parents of the injured player with a copy of the "Heads Up" Fact Sheet.

NMYSA Concussion Notice Form (Word, plain PDF, fillable PDF)

"Heads Up" Fact Sheets

English Spanish
Fact Sheet for Coaches Hoja Informativa para los Entrenadores
Fact Sheet for Parents Hoja Informativa para los Padres

Removal From Play

Coaches, the player or the player’s parents shall not allow a youth player to participate in practices/trainings, games or NMYSA events if the youth player exhibits signs of a concussion/brain injury. If the player’s parent or player’s coach suspect a concussion as a result of a blow to the head or body, a fall or collision, the player must be removed from the activity immediately and evaluated by a health care professional. The player will not be allowed to participate in training, games or events on the same day that the youth athletic exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a brain injury and only after:

  1. The player no longer exhibits any sign, symptom or behavior consistent with a concussion or other head injury; and
  2. Receives a medial release from a licensed health care professional.

Players diagnosed with a concussion will be required to sit out for 240 hours (10 days) and receive a medical release before returning to play. Coaches will be required to track suspected concussions and medical authorizations that permit "return to play". Any suspected concussion or diagnosed concussion, must be reported to NMYSA using the NMYSA Concussion Notice Form. The coach will then use the NMYSA Concussion Notice form to track the player’s progress and submit a final copy of the form along with medical permissions to NMYSA when the player is returned to competition.