Northwest Rio Grande Soccer League (NWRGSL) is a non-profit organization, providing organized classic soccer for children ages 4-18 in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Corrales and the surrounding areas. NWRGSL offers affordable developmental and competitive soccer experiences, with professional training and supervision.

The majority of teams that participate in NWRGSL come from small, community based and locally supported soccer clubs. This means that your children will typically practice and play with the same children that they attend school with, on parks located near your homes and schools. It also allows us to keep our fees lower than you will find in most other classic soccer leagues, because there are no extra fees to support national clubs, advertising, or salaried coaching positions.

NWRGSL uses a small-sided game format for all of its regular season games through U12. Small-sided game formats mean fewer players on the field, resulting in more touches and playing opportunities for the players than you will typically find in AYSO and other recreational leagues.

News & Information

2017 Fall Schedules

The 2017 Fall Schedule is now final.

The schedule was finalized on 9/6/2017 @ 17:52. Any changes made to the schedule after this date will be highlighted in green.

All U10 matches that were scheduled to be played on the the field OF3 on 9/30/17 will be played at La Ladera Park (Edith Blvd NE & Los Ranchos Rd NE) at their originally scheduled times.

All matches that were scheduled to be played in Bernalillo on 9/30/17 on either BERN1 or BERN2 will also be played at La Ladera Park at their originally scheduled times.

All matches that were scheduled to be played in Bernalillo on 9/30/17 on either BERN3 or BERN4 will be played at Shadyside Park (Isleta Blvd SW & Barcelona Rd SW) at their originally scheduled times.


Summer Newsletter

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Registration for the 2017-2018 season is currently underway. Please see the NWRGSL newsletter for registration information. Be sure to take note of any deadlines to avoid late fees. Please send an email to nwrgsl@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Westside United Soccer Club

We are happy to announce the formation of the new Westside United Soccer Club which will serve the Rio Rancho, Paradise Hills, Taylor Ranch and Ventana Ranch areas. Please see the official press release.

Transfer Policy

Effective immediately, NWRGSL has adopted a new policy covering player transfers. If you are considering transferring your player to a new team or club, please be sure to review the new policy.

Small-Sided Playing Rules Update

Based on recommendations from U.S. Youth Soccer, NWRGSL revised its small-sided rules over the summer. These revised rules are effective immediately, and affect all matches played at U12 and below. Please click here for the current small-sided playing rules.

Concussion Initiative

NEW! All NWRGSL coaches, including volunteer and assistant coaches, are required to take the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Online Concussion Training course by the end of their first season coaching. Coaches are further required to know and follow the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA) Removal from Play process. Please visit the Concussion Initiative page for information and resources about all of the new policies.

Inclement Weather Policy

Soccer is an all-weather sport, so unless it is abnormally cold, wet or windy, your match will most likely not be cancelled. In the event of inclement weather, please check our website for any field closure announcements. If your match field is not specifically closed, the assigned referee is still allowed to make a game-time decision to cancel the match in the interests of safety, or for either of the following two reasons:

  • Lightning:
    Lightning can happen at any time of year, but is most common in the summer and fall. If a coach or referee sees lightning or hears thunder during a practice or game, they must stop immediately and move everyone off the field.
  • Standing Water:
    If there are areas of standing water on the field, then the ground is saturated, and running around on it will destroy the grass. It's hard to keep grass growing in Albuquerque, please don't make it any harder. If there is standing water on the fields, then practices and games will most likely be cancelled.

Referees Wanted!

NWRGSL is always in need of referees to manage competitive play in a safe and fair manner on our soccer fields. If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact the League Referee Scheduler or visit the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association (NMSRA) website.

Where We Play

All NWRGSL matches are played at fields located around the Albuquerque metro area.