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All NWRGSL teams are required to have a certified referee, who is expected to referee at least four matches each season (Fall and Spring are separate seasons). Our referees are certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) through clinics offered periodically throughout the year by the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association (NMSRA). Referees must recertify every year to ensure knowledge of rule changes and updated guidance from USSF. For more information about referee clinics, including schedules, please contact the League Referee Scheduler or visit the NMSRA website and click on the calendar link.

New Referees

USSF and NWRGSL recommend that new refereees begin their career with a Grade 9 certification. Grade 9 referees are allowed to center recreational games up to U14. To become a Grade 9 referee you must attend an 8-hour certification clinic. Once you have been a Grade 9 referee for at least one season, you may want to consider upgrading to Grade 8 or higher. A Grade 8 certification will allow you to referee all youth matches, both competitive and recreational, it will also allow you to referee lower division Adult games. You must enroll in and complete another 8-hour clinic to gain certification as a Grade 8 referee.

Parents of new youth referees are encouraged to watch the following video provided by USSF, whcih contains advice for managing players, coaches and sideline behavior.

Match Assignments

NWRGSL uses a request system that allows referees to select the matches they want to be assigned. If you are a currently certified referee, and would like to request match assignments, you must visit the NWRGSL Referee Scheduling System and create a profile. Once your certification is verified and your account is approved, you will receive an email letting you know that you can begin requesting assignments.

In addition to Center assignments, NWRGSL is also scheduling Assistant Referees for the U13 fields at Mariposa. These positions are perfect for newly certified and inexperienced referees. As an Assistant Referee, you will work with one of our experienced referees to learn game and spectator management skills and referee mechanics before centering your own matches. Assistant Referee assignments may be requested using the Referee Assignment Request System.

All NWRGSL referes must use the NWRGSL Referee Assignment Request System to schedule match assignments. If your match assignment was scheduled using this system and has been confirmed by the Referee Scheduler you may bump any other referee attempting to cover the match, even if it is a "team" referee.

If you encounter any problems using this system, please notify the League Referee Scheduler.

Click Here to access the NWRGSL Referee Scheduling System.

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